Effectively handling a mass-casualty incident is one of the greatest challenges a community's emergency medical system can face. Disasters disrupt the existing infrastructure and can hamper the efficiency of search-and-rescue units. In disaster medicine triage, determining the number and location of victims, relative to the location of available resources is crucial for maximizing and hastening rescue efforts.

To improve the management of response assets in a mass-casualty incident and coordinate the initial response, we propose the "Dynamic Information Collection and Resource Tracking System for Disaster ManagementĀ”Ā± (DIORAMA).

DIORAMA will provide the following capabilities:

Emergency response vehicles will have communication servers that will collect and transmit the location and status information to an Incident Commander (a coordinator for the Paramedics located on-site or at a remote location). The information that is served to the Incident Commander can assist in making more informed, efficient decisions regarding the triage, evaluation and evacuation of victims from a disaster area.